Saturday, 10 April 2010

Why I have not been posting

Hello, this is why I have not been posting. You see, we are very, very sorry. Our owners went some where for 5 NIGHTS! We will still be posting. BREAKING NEWS: Daisy has been missing for a while but............. we saw her after an hour. thew.

Theese pictures are old. We were worried just like koko here. We will still be posting normal times.
What was being missing like? shall I try it.....................


  1. Hello again Tiger! Is Daisy still missing? Is she ok?


  2. We hope Daisy doesn't go missing! Being missing does not sound like fun!

  3. I hope Daisy is back, missing sounds bad.. Hugs GJ xx

  4. hello! when my owners went home they found me then koko, and 2 hours later, daisy. we were worried in those 2 hours shes her chirpy self!



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