Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sorry Everyone!

I have been busy lately. I was thinking of quitting because I had no time but I love all my followers but I don't want to let you down! Next, I am going to call myself 'Tiger Tha Laziest Cat'. I aim to be different. From now on, I wont copy anybody's ideas. Sorry about that! I have a cool camera so I can take cool pictures ( Not the horrible blurry ones). My posting targets are five a week. And my Blog will have a whole new look but the website name is the same. Which banner picture should I have? A or B:



Thanks for reading! x


  1. I vote for B - you have such a cute expression, sweet Tiger!!!

    Enjoy your blogging - have fun!! Take care

  2. Hmm... I like B too. Thank you, I bet you look sweet too! I love Blogging. Take care too! :) x



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