Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunny Sunday (Part One) : Why My Garden Is Perfect

Hello everybody! Its Sunny here in my first weekly posts of my random updates. I thought this would be more interesting instead of Tiger showing off how boringly lazy she is (Don't tell her that!). Today I will be showing you how perfect my garden is!

My garden is perfect for growing dandelions. What else would a rabbit need?
Mmm... Yummy.... I'm such a happy bunny in Spring...
Vegetables rock! Why am I so fat? I thought these were healthy...
Enough of my greediness, My garden is perfect for holding my DELUXE home! Not like the messy house those cats live in. Do you agree?
Thanks for reading! Have a nice Spring! :) x


  1. Hello wonderful Sunny!!! It's so great to meet you!! You are just so adorable!!! Enjoy your greens and your lovely garden!!! Take care

  2. Hello! Its great to meet you too! Thank you, Your very adorable to! Thanks I will! Have a lovely spring! :)x

  3. hi Sunny! Wow we are behind but boy we missed you guys! We love the new blog set up! We can't wait to read more about you and Tiger and everyone! We understand about the lazy part too by the way - we admit we are like that too!!



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