Thursday, 21 April 2011

Why Easter Is Perfect: Thursday

Hello! Oops... I haven't been posting lately! Sorry! I know its late in the week but I thought until Easter day me and my family should tell you why Easter is perfect. If you want to, say another idea why it's so perfect! I'll start- I think Easter is perfect because my owners spend more time with me!

Koko loves her family but she mostly enjoys the outside (Chasing and eating bugs). But of course she loves the treats we get that day. That's why Koko loves Easter!
My owners especially like the plants growing (hopefully) in our weedy garden...
...And the Strawberry's growing too! My owners are very excited about the buds blooming into Strawberry's.
But have you ever heard of the quote- "Nothing's perfect" ?. This Season, it's sunny enough for the whole street to play outside. Unfortunately our noisy neighbour's neighbours scream and shout when we try to play outside. Has this happened to you?
And Sunny's just Sunny this season.
Happy Thursday!!


  1. Awww poor sweetie!! Why does your neighbour scream at you lovely kitties and gorgeous bunny when you play outside?!?!?! Awww me and Charlie are so sorry that you get yelled at! :-(

    You have wonderful spring blooms and we hope you all get to enjoy being amongst them this Easter with no-one screaming at you all! Yay! take care

  2. Those flowers are very pretty!! We hope you all have a nice Easter!!



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