Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Another Update

Hello! Koko here. We can't still post very much lately but we can get round to Twitter (Nearly) Every day. Miaaaw! I know, Picture-less posts are no fun (Even though Tiger told me to not post any extras)! So, I thought I would show you my amazingly pretty face. And my amazingly (Whiter than my human's) sharp teeth.

Another update, sorry! You are all thinking, Where is Tiger's Twitter? I can read your mind!... Miaaaw... http://twitter.com/#!/tigerthalaziest
We are having trouble trying to get a small file size profile picture. But that is our Official Twitter account. Oh great! The fonts are playing up. Don't tell Tiger! Bye!


  1. Hello there beautiful and elegant Koko!! Great to meet you!! Yay!! Hello to Tiger too! take care

  2. Hi Koko! We miss you guys - you need to let the CB know you are posting again so you can get lots of comments!! We hope you can post more soon - we don't have Twitter so we can't follow you (though we do keep bugging mom about it).



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